Mark your calendars for Data Day 6.0 on March 29, 2019 at Carleton University (Richcraft Building). You won’t want to miss it!

Hosted by the Institute for Data Science, Data Day is an annual conference held on campus that celebrates the latest developments in data science and analytics research within the Carleton community and in Canada. The event includes presentations by Carleton researchers and industry experts, a keynote address and panel discussion, as well as a poster competition to showcase graduate student research in data science and analytics across all disciplines.

See last year’s event program and list of speakers.

Data Day is open to all data science and analytics enthusiasts! 

In previous years, the event has been attended by well over 300 people, roughly half of which are Carleton faculty members, staff and students. The other half is a mix of public and private sector professionals. This blend of academia and industry creates an ideal environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and networking. A buffet lunch is also provided for free.

See how Data Day has evolved over the past few years: