The development of the Certificate in Blended and Online Teaching and the accompanying open educational resources wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of number of highly experienced educators and staff, including:


  • Dr. Joy Mighty, Carleton Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)
  • Patrick Lyons, Carleton Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Andrew Barrett, Carleton Educational Development Centre (EDC) Assistant Director
  • Dual Code


  • Christina Atallah, Carleton Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Communicators Coordinator
  • Kirk Davies, EDC Educational Technology Consultant
  • Kyle Mackie, Educational Consultant
  • April Murphy, Dual Code Senior Instructional Designer
  • Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz, EDC Instructional Designer
  • Dragana Polovina-Vukovic, EDC Instructional Design and Research Facilitator
  • Samah Sabra, EDC Teaching Development Coordinator


  • Janusz Bialy, Carleton University Online (CUOL) IT/Web Technology
  • Blair Cameron, BM Cameron Productions
  • Tim Cathcart-Black, CUOL Media Production Centre Supervisor
  • Hasi Eldib, CUOL Video Editor/Multimedia Specialist
  • Bernie Esau, CUOL Media Producer
  • Frank Heney, CUOL Technical Operations
  • Paul Heuthorst, CUOL Media Graphic Artist
  • Robert Lacroix, CUOL Media Producer
  • Lisa Runge Faubert, CUOL Video Editor/Multimedia Specialist

Quality Assurance

  • Yuan Chen, EDC Instructional Design Intern
  • Julie Gregory, EDC Educational Development Analyst
  • Isa Gulka, EDC Instructional Design Analyst
  • Arby Ted Siraki, EDC Teaching and Learning Support Analyst


Brock University

  • Maureen Connolly, Professor of Physical Education and Kinesiology
  • Giulia Forsythe, Special Project Facilitator, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation
  • Karen Fricker, Assistant Professor, Department of Dramatic Arts
  • Zopito Marini, Professor and 3M National Teaching Fellow

Carleton University

  • Andrew Barrett, Assistant Director, Educational Development Centre
  • Bob Burk, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry; 3M National Teaching Fellow
  • Kevin Cheung, Associate Professor, School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • Kirk Davies, Educational Technology Consultant, Educational Development Centre
  • Shawn Graham, Assistant Professor, Department of History
  • Peggy Hartwick, Instructor, SLaLs
  • Vincent Kazmierski, Assistant Professor, Department of Law and Legal Studies
  • John Logan, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Patrick Lyons, Director, Teaching and Learning
  • Anthony Marini, Senior Teaching Development Associate, Educational Development Centre; 3M National Teaching Fellow
  • Joy Mighty, Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)
  • Richard Nimijean, Lecturer, School of Canadian Studies
  • Maristela Petrovic-Dzerdz, Instructional Designer, Educational Development Centre
  • Tim Pychyl, Director, Centre for Initiatives in Education; 3M National Teaching Fellow
  • Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Samah Sabra, Educational Development Coordinator, Educational Development Centre; Contract Instructor, School of Canadian Studies
  • Peter Thompson, Assistant Professor, School of Canadian Studies
  • Anne Trépanier, Assistant Professor, School of Canadian Studies
  • Boris Vukovic, Disabilities Coordinator, Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities

University of Guelph

  • M.J. D’Elia, Head, Learning & Curriculum Support, University of Guelph Library; Instructor, Marketing & Consumer Studies
  • Dan Gillis, Assistant Professor and Statistician
  • Natasha Kenny, Manager, Educational Development, Open Learning and Educational Services
  • Denise Mohan, Assistant Professor, Hispanic Studies

University of Toronto

  • Don Boyes, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography
  • Alison Gibbs, Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistical Sciences
  • Laurie Harrison, Director of Online Learning Strategies
  • Steve Joordens, Professor, Department of Psychology
  • Franco Taverna, Lecturer, Human Biology Program

University of Waterloo

  • Jane Holbrook, Senior Instructional Developer, Blended Learning
  • Tracy Penny Light, Associate Professor, History
  • John Michela, Associate Professor, Psychology
  • James M. Skidmore, Associate Professor, Germanic Studies
  • Bob Sproule, Lecturer, Financial Accounting