The Data and Justice Lab, Carleton University is an interdisciplinary experiment in bringing together criminologists, data scientists, and community-based advocates. Our lab recognizes the power that data holds to inform policy, politics, and transformative social change. We are housed within the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice (ICCJ), which is one of the longest running criminology programs in Canada. 

The ICCJ is housed within The Faculty of Public Affairs and promotes an interdisciplinary and critical understanding of crime, criminality, and processes of criminalization and punishment. Through the study of complex social issues, including transformative justice, practices of criminalization, surveillance, crime prevention, policing, courts, sentencing and correction, the ICCJ seeks to develop new knowledge to address regional and global challenges. The ICCJ seeks to support efforts to building better societies and attracts students and scholars who seek to interact with and bring positive change to the community and world around them.