Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) have been identified by Carleton’s Board of Governors, Federal Tri-Agency Research Funders, faculty, staff, students, public and private sector employers, and other members of the external community as critical to the future success of the university.

While the university has taken steps to lay the foundation for progress, much work to advance anti-racism and EDI still needs to be done. As a large institution, the university is an extension of society and is not insulated from its challenges.

Recommendations for Discussion and Feedback

The Carleton Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC) Advisory Group is pleased to present recommendations to the Carleton community for discussion and feedback. We seek to develop an institutional strategic vision for EDI at Carleton and propose an operational framework of essential actions.

These proposed recommended actions emerge directly from the Strategic Integrated Plan. They will build upon efforts to integrate EDI in the core activities and the academic mission of the university to accelerate positive institutional and societal outcomes.

Continuing the SIP’s EDI Engagement

The creation of these recommendations follows the recent completion of Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan (SIP) journey in which more than 1,000 conversations were held with university members. These recommendations for institutional EDI action are a continuation of the EDI engagement pursued under the SIP, rather than a fresh initiative.