IISD Briefing Note

With funding from this project, Livia Bizikova, Patricia Larkin and Ruth Waldick conducted research on agriculture’s vulnerability and resilience to climate change, defining a number of relevant general resilience indicators. The results have been recently published as a briefing note by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

Conference Presentations

We hosted a panel at the Adaptation Canada 2016, aimed at stimulating a discussion sharing successes and challenges in extracting information about extremes from weather records and climate change scenarios.  The following presentations were used to get that discussion started:

Our team also participated in a special session “Agroclimatic Extremes- Past, Present and Future” at CMOS-CGU 2016.  Presentations included:

Academic documents

Journal papers


Indicator research:

Related Work

Farms to Regions Project

Farms to Regions was the predecessor to this project, and it created much of the material we’re building on now.  The following files document much of the work in that project:

Other research of interest

Pointers to independent research projects that inform and contextualize our work: