This website presents interviews with academic experts on various aspects of European Union governance and policy-making. The website also provides links to videos produced by other institutions that discuss the same topics. The website is designed for use in university teaching.

The videos complement the textbook by Amy Verdun, Achim Hurrelmann and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (eds.), European Union Governance and Policy-Making: A Canadian Perspective, 2nd edition (University of Toronto Press, 2023). They can also be used independently of the textbook.

On this website, you will find two original videos with the author of each chapter (or another expert): one interview on the topic of the chapter, and one brief statement that summarizes the current challenges faced by the European Union in the given area.

The website was produced for the project “Teaching European Union Governance and Policy-Making in Canada: A New Repository of Audiovisual Educational Resources”, coordinated by Achim Hurrelmann (Carleton University) and Amy Verdun (University of Victoria).

The project was supported by a Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), File No. 611-2021-0052.