This year we welcome – via zoom – five new lab members!

Sean Patterson is an MSc student. He will be looking at road and traffic effects on porcupine populations. Porcupines have only one baby per year so we predict that road kill has a big effect on their populations.

Alec Medd is also an MSc student. He will be looking at trends in squirrel populations. Squirrels eat a lot of bird eggs, so if squirrels have been going up, that could be part of the reason why birds have been going down.

Samantha Morin is a PhD student interested in understanding how habitat fragmentation affects mammalian carnivores. She did her MSc at Trent University on lynx and bobcats and you can learn more about her here:

Andrew Habrich is also a new PhD student. He is interested in studying how the urban and suburban landscapes affect animal populations and assemblages. He comes to us from the University of Winnipeg where he studied little brown bats for his MSc.

And, Federico Riva is our new postdoctoral fellow. Federico did his PhD at the University of Alberta. He is interested in applied conservation, ecological scaling, and hierarchy theory, and you can learn more about him here:

Welcome all, and I’m looking forward to the day when we can all have a real live lab meeting and maybe even go to the pub!