FPA researchers were recognized for their groundbreaking work in the latest announcement of Insight Development Grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). These grants support research in its early stages and enable the development of new research questions, as well as experimentation with new methods, theoretical approaches and ideas. Funding is available to both emerging scholars and established scholars for research initiatives of up to two years.

Insight Development Grant Winners

Siobhan Angus headshotApplicant: Siobhan Angus

Department: Journalism and Communication

Project Title: Beyond the Toxic Sublime: Visual culture, pollution, and environmental justice in petrochemical landscapes

Applicant: Graeme Auld Graeme Auld headshot

Department: Public Policy and Administration

Project Title: The evolution and consequences of industry engagement with global tuna fishery governance

Sean Burges headshotApplicant: Sean Burges

Department: Kroeger College

Project Title: Brazilian Foreign Policy and the Bolsonaro Presidency: Lessons for Foreign Policy Analysis

Nana aba Duncan headshot

Applicant: Nana aba Duncan

Department: Journalism and Communication

Project Title: Surveying the Experiences of Black Journalists in Canada

Gulay Kilicaslan headshotApplicant: Gülay Kilicaslan

Department: Law and Legal Studies

Project Title: Genocide Survivors as Migrant Citizens: Emerging Political Subjectivities of Yezidis during their Resettlement in Canada

Irena Knezevic

Applicant: Irena Knezevic

Department: Journalism and Communication

Project Title: Methodologies for the study of market concentration in Canadian food processing

Vicky McArthur

Vicky McArthur

Applicant: Victoria McArthur

Department: Journalism and Communication

Project Title: Nak Muay Ying: A Multi­Modal Immersive Storytelling Project Exploring the

Training Experiences of Women and Non­Binary Practitioners of Muay Thai

Gaelle Simard-Duplain headshotApplicant: Gaëlle Simard-Duplain

Department: Economics

Project Title: Intergenerational transmission of health and health care use: Identifying

untapped potential to improve the economic outcomes of parents and children

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