Heather Norris
School of Public Policy and Administration
Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership

It was really exciting to be part of the first cohort of the MPNL program. It included people from diverse professional backgrounds: the arts, international development, health care and social services. Some had recently completed undergraduate studies; others had over twenty years of professional experience.

I had been working in the nonprofit sector in Northumberland County when the MPNL program sparked my interest. It’s designed to prepare graduates to be innovators and leaders in diverse sectors, and I saw it as an opportunity to help escalate me to that next level of leadership, as opposed to making another lateral move.

There’s a real focus in the nonprofit sector on long-term social change and the ability to measure and communicate impact.

I conducted research on the United Way’s impact journey, something they’ve been engaged in for close to twenty years. This led to a research practicum and eventually a professional opportunity as the Director, Community Impact at the Northumberland United Way in Cobourg, Ontario.

This is an exciting role that aligns with key learnings from the MPNL program: evaluation in terms of impact measurement, governance and leadership, organizational development, and finance.

I aspire to utilize my education and professional expertise to become a strong leader and change-maker in the nonprofit sector.

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