By Mary Giles

Before returning to his alma mater this year, Jerald Sabin was an assistant professor teaching Canadian politics and public administration at Bishop’s University in Lennoxville, Quebec. Sabin graduated from FPA’s Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management (’07) and MA in Public Administration (’09) before completing his PhD in political science at the University of Toronto.

Sabin says, “My research has taken me to every part of northern Canada, where I’ve worked in partnership with Indigenous and settler communities on projects ranging from the voluntary and nonprofit sector, federalism and the history of Northern government.”

Sabin is currently the graduate supervisor for Indigenous Policy and Administration, a master’s concentration and graduate diploma program at the School. He is teaching qualitative methods for public policy and policy research, as well as evaluation for Indigenous policy and administration.

One of Sabin’s research projects examines the development of Indigenous electoral systems across Canada. Co-developed and co-directed with the Tłı̨chǫ Government in the Northwest Territories, the first voting behaviour study of an Indigenous electorate in North America is planned to coincide with the next Tłı̨chǫ Community Government elections in June 2021.

Another project considers the definition of a territory and the use of territories by Australia, Canada and the United States as a form of subnational government in settler federations. Sabin explains, “It compares the origins, development and purposes of distinguishing among states, provinces and territories and examines the political development of such territories as Puerto Rico, Nunavut and Australia’s Northern Territory.”

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