Photo of Adrian  Schoo

Adrian Schoo

Cluster Leader


Adrian is Professor of Clinical Education at the Prideaux Centre for Research in Health Professions Education, Flinders University, and a Fellow of the Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE). He is a part of the Master of Clinical Education program. He also played an instrumental role in establishing a solid foundation for the new physiotherapy course at Flinders University to underpin the musculoskeletal and inter-professional practice curriculum and clinical placement partnerships. Before moving into these programs Adrian was deputy director of the Greater Green Triangle University Department of Rural Health (Flinders University and Deakin University). Starting with physiotherapy he established an allied health workforce enhancement project, funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services, which evolved into a state-wide continuing education program for 22 allied professions in Victoria that also provided online access to allied health in other Australian jurisdictions.

Teaching and research interests include clinical and continuing education, reflective and transformative learning, leadership training, and rural health workforce development and associated health service enhancement, particularly in the area of allied health, interprofessional learning and practice, and chronic disease prevention and management. Rural and remote health workforce recruitment and retention is complex, and clinical educators are likely to be able to play a role in enhancing recruitment as well as retention as part of a symbiotic approach that may need to go further than rural background and rural education only. He finds it rewarding to see students developing into leaders who can work well in complex systems. His research and consultancy work often includes working with peers from very different disciplines to appreciate different paradigms and find opportunities for possible innovation. Associated work informs policymakers, administrators, educators and health professionals, and can be found on ResearchGate, LinkedIn and of course Flinders University’s website. He also supervises higher degree students and is also a mentor for students and staff and encourages research and best practice.