What is your donor personality?

The ways to support Carleton and our students are as individual as our donors. Explore the many possibilities, or try our interactive Gift Counsellor, which can help you learn more about your philanthropic interests and giving options.

Play with the possibilities, and contact us if you have questions or want to discuss your giving options in more depth.

In a bookstore, you meet a student who is struggling to make ends meet. When he gets to the checkout, he doesn’t have enough money to pay for a textbook. You:

  1. Buy the book for him.
  2. Offer to help him find a better paying job.
  3. Meet with the bookstore manager to discuss student discounts.

When you take a road trip, you:

  1. Set an itinerary and stick to the schedule.
  2. Venture off course as the mood strikes you.
  3. Note all the additional things to visit when time allows.

At a Carleton event, while mingling with the crowd, you are most inclined to speak to:

  1. A student about his university experience.
  2. A researcher about her current investigation.
  3. An instructor about teaching innovations and program offerings.