In its purest sense, philanthropy is an act of goodwill that attempts to solve a problem by addressing its root causes. And simply put, there is no better way to tackle root causes than through higher education.

Carleton was founded in an act of philanthropy—a collective, community-based effort to give the gift of education to the city of Ottawa and its young people. The impact of this effort continues to resonate. Through Carleton, its graduates and its research, there has been tangible and world-changing progress in social good, economic prosperity, and the pursuit of knowledge in Ottawa, the province of Ontario, across Canada and abroad.

To this day, Carleton welcomes and develops active partnerships with philanthropists who believe in the power of higher education. Donors make a gift not TO Carleton but THROUGH it; with an investment in academic programs, financial support for students, and research initiatives, donors help Carleton continue its founding promise to do good things for the communities we serve.

If higher education is your charity of choice, partner with Carleton.