What is the Telephone Outreach Program?

  • The Telephone Outreach Program, commonly referred to as TOP, is a team of students known as Community Engagement Associates (CEAs) who help raise awareness of various philanthropic initiatives and funds related to the Carleton community by calling and speaking to various Carleton stakeholders on the phone.
  • Our CEAs help keep Carleton alumni connected with their alma mater by checking in with recent graduates and introducing them to the benefits and perks of being an alumnus at our university.
  • TOP is an excellent way of allowing current and members of the Carleton community to maintain their relationship with the university while also contributing to a sense of philanthropy.
  • CEAs call in the evenings as well as on the weekends, in the Fall, Winter, and Summer semesters (all year round, excluding holidays).
  • The Telephone Outreach Program is run by the Annual Giving Coordinator, Katie Stigter (she/her). For further information and how to get involved please contact KatieStigter@cunet.carleton.ca or 613-520-2600 ext. 4099.

Why am I receiving a call from this program?

  • Community Engagement Associates (CEAs) call Carleton alumni, parents, retirees, staff, friends, donors and community partners for the following reasons:
    • To stay in contact with you and make sure we have all up to date contact info. If you need to update your contact information with us, please visit https://carleton.ca/advancement/contact-preferences/ or call 613-520-3636.
    • To keep you engaged in the Carleton community.
    • To provide information on giving opportunities through Carleton.
    • To say thank you for past philanthropic support and to check in.
    • To keep you informed about events and activities happening at Carleton that may be of interest to you.
  • For more FAQs on our phone program, please click here.

Some campaigns TOP has helped fundraise for:

  • Through the Telephone Outreach Program, our CEAs have been able to fundraise thousands of dollars each semester (Fall, Winter, and Summer) for various funds at Carleton. Below are some examples of campaigns that have been supported through the generosity of the donor community:
    • Parents Campaign for the MacOdrum Library Collections
      • During our Parents Campaign, which typically runs in the Fall semesters, CEAs will call parents of current Carleton students to fundraise for the Collections Fund for the MacOdrum Library, our on-campus library which also boosts a wide online catalogue of resources available to Carleton students and alumni anywhere.
      • Donations from this campaign support the acquisition of  up-to-date and relevant resources, ensuring students have access to a variety of materials throughout their studies at Carleton. Enhanced library collections are central to supporting quality research, teaching, and learning at Carleton.
    • Student Aid/ Ravens Supporting Ravens Alumni Campaigns
      • Through all semesters, CEAs will call a variety of Carleton stakeholders including friends and alumni for the general Student Aid Fund. This is an important fund at Carleton as donations support scholarships and bursaries. Financial support like this helps ensure students have the resource they need to become leaders poised to use their education as a force for good in our local and global communities.
      • CEAs will often call alumni and recent graduates from Carleton to ask for their support for the Ravens Supporting Ravens Bursary. This is a special bursary funded by Carleton recent grads and alumni and is awarded annually to a deserving undergraduate student. Making a donation to this bursary means deserving students will receive transformative monetary support and increased accessibility to post-secondary education so all Ravens have the opportunity to learn and succeed.
    • Wellness Fund Campaign
      • The Wellness Fund Campaign has been running for several years and which CEAs have called alumni and parents about. The Wellness Fund raises funds to develop stronger and more holistic mental health support on campus and online for Carleton students.
      • Donations to this campaign support research barriers to mental health support various specific groups of Carleton students face, such as Indigenous students or students of colour, and how those barriers could be overcome by implementing or changing mental health programs and initiatives run at Carleton.
    • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fund Campaign
      • The EDI Fund Campaign involved our CEAs calling a variety of Carleton community members such as alumni, friends, and Tory Society members for the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Fund. This is an important fund created to align with Carleton’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan. The fund aims to empower students and faculty to reach their full potential, while providing equitable access to services and opportunities.
      • Donations to this fund support the establishment/expansion of awards for student achievement and research with the value of EDI, faculty research on the topic of EDI, scholarships and bursaries for under-represented student groups, promotion and implementation of EDI in programs across campus, and assists with the creation and delivery of educational and professional development services that enhance cultures of learning free from discrimination and harassment.

Meet the Telephone Outreach Program team! 

Mohamad, TOP Supervisor

Cassandra, TOP Supervisor

Jerelle, TOP Supervisor

Kayla, TOP Supervisor

Emily, CEA

Chaitya, CEA

Hauwa, CEA

Ishanjeetkaur, CEA

Rose, CEA

Hala, CEA

Michelle, CEA

Nafia, CEA

Raquel, CEA

Sileen, CEA

Lucksiha, CEA

Rawan, CEA

Jean, CEA

Sneha, CEA

Elizabeth, CEA

Kashis, CEA

Testimonials from past and current TOP Supervisors and CEAs

Kayla is a current TOP Supervisor and past CEA. Her love for philanthropy is what moved her to work with the TOP program, but what continues to fuel her drive is the connections she’s able to make with members of the Carleton community. “Getting to know the ones I speak with and learning the WHY behind the gifts they give and causes they support makes the impact we’re able to achieve feel much deeper.”

Gauri, former CEA, enjoyed working as a Community Engagement Associate because she felt connected to the student community. It was important for her to give back to the community and hence, she loves to get involved in philanthropy projects. Her favorite campaigns to fundraise for were Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Fund and the Student Aid Fund. She has also been involved with other clubs on campus like UNICEF Carleton, CUSA, and the Bachelors of Global and International Studies Students’ Society and enjoys interacting with students from diverse backgrounds. Gauri currently works full-time for the Department of University Advancement as a project assistant.