Faculty Development and Major Gifts works with the university community to create and build relationships with friends and donors. Working in collaboration with departments and faculties, the team ensures that donors and potential donors to Carleton can give to the university in a way that meets their personal giving priorities and the university’s overall needs. Faculty Development and Major Gifts helps to assess fundraising needs for student aid, research and capital projects and helps match the right donor with the right giving opportunity.

Corrie Hobin
Director, Faculty Development and Major Gifts
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 1031
Paul Armstrong
Senior Development Officer, Athletics
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 1158
Margaret Miller
Senior Development Officer, Faculty of Business
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 1052
Anastazia Krneta
Senior Development Officer, Special Projects
Arts and Social Sciences
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 8187
Jennifer Wolters
Assistant Director (Acting), Faculty Advancement-Engineering
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 8979
Rebecca Murray
Senior Development Officer, Special Projects
Faculty of Public Affairs
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 4137
Mistalyn Seguin                                    
Senior Development Officer, Faculty of Science
Tel:  613-520-2600 Ext: 1052
Kylie Patrick
Senior Development Officer, Major Gifts
Library and Student Support Services
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 1230
Christine Wheeler
Development Officer, Qualifications
Tel: 613-520-2600 Ext: 3053