Who We Are

The Student Philanthropy Association (SPA) is a student-led group that strives to foster a culture of philanthropy within the Carleton campus community. The SPA provides students interested in philanthropy with the opportunity to develop their philanthropic skill sets and positively affect change for current and future Carleton students.

The Association is managed by the Department of University Advancement (DUA). Student-staff work collaboratively to develop and implement a series of campaigns, including “CU Making Memories,” a special campaign that ran during March 2022 invited students to share favourite memories from their Carleton journey. Click the link below to read about the fund that this campaign is supported, how Carleton students got involved and view the CU Making Memories Yearbook. You can read about our other past campaigns and find some facts about philanthropy at Carleton at the links below!

Stay tuned – SPA will be hiring Street Team Members later in the fall semester. 

CU Making Memories Past Campaigns
Philanthropy Facts

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