Hi!  I’m Scott Mitchell, faculty at Carleton University‘s Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, and one of the directors of the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Laboratory.

I have supervised, and am generally interested in supervising, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the following broad project areas:

  • evaluating and monitoring weather-related risks in agricultural settings, including the impacts of climate change on extreme weather regimes;
  • integration of earth observation data from dispersed sources, especially for agricultural applications (e.g. crop mapping, biomass estimation);
  • effects of spatial heterogeneity on environmental function and biodiversity;
  • uncertainty analysis in land use / land cover mapping;
  • spatial partitioning strategies for environmental modelling;
  • decision support systems / scenario development using GIS and environmental models;
  • primary productivity modelling and soil moisture dynamics in grassland environments; and
  • GIS software development for any of the above projects, using open source GIS and open standards.

At any specific time, my ability to supervise more graduate students depends on the progress of my existing students, and current funding opportunities to support research projects.

As of Feb 2023, I am interested in and still have some remaining capacity for supervising new graduate students (Master’s or Doctoral) with Canadian residency status. I do NOT currently have sufficient funding to support the supervision of international students, but will update this notice should that situation improve. Similarly, I do not have any postdoctoral research positions to offer, but would be happy to talk with anyone who has secured or is applying for third-party funding and is looking for a supervisor.

2022-2023 Graduate students:

Emily Lindsay

Amee Lunger

Christina Rehbein

Walaa Sarem