Effects of Roads: Predicting the severity of road effects on animal population persistence


This is an ongoing project that examines the effects of roads on animal population persistence and the animals’ different types of avoidance behaviours at roads. The paper is a result of a workshop that took place in Ottawa in May 2001 and several follow-up meetings. The resulting paper entitled “Predicting the severity of road effects on animal population persistence” is to be submitted in March 2003 to Conservation Ecology. The authors of this paper are Jochen Jaeger, Jeff Bowman, Julie Brennan, Lenore Fahrig, Dan Bert, Julie Bouchard, Neil Charbonneau, Karin Frank, Bernd Gruber, and Katharina Tluk von Toschanwitz. Programming assistance provided by Jason Nicolaides for the interactive model is greatly acknowledged.

Interactive Model

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