As our graduate students complete their research, they defend and publish a thesis, which is then available through electronic archives.  While their research will often appear in published journal papers, the thesis often preserves a more complete archive of the work they performed while at GLEL.

Author, Year Title (and link to thesis) Supervisor(s)
Binely, 2023 From better monitoring to better decisions: improving conservation using community science Bennett
English, 2023 Carry-over Effects in Arctic-breeding Shorebirds: A Cross-species Perspective Bennett
Daly, 2022 The Independent Effects of Forest Amount, Fragmentation and Structural Connectivity on Small Mammals’ Diversity, Abundance and Occurrence Fahrig
Gabriel, 2022 The Independent Effects of Forest Amount, Fragmentation, and Corridors on Forest Understory Plant Diversity Fahrig
Rehbein, 2022 Landscape analysis in Environmental Impact Assessment: is there potential to improve biodiversity conservation through better-informed decisions? Mitchell
Sarem, 2022 Temporal and spatial impacts of extreme weather events on winter wheat and milling oats yields in southern Ontario Mitchell
Attinello, 2021 A Test of the Space-For-Time Substitution Hypothesis: North American Bird Responses to Forest Loss over Space do not Predict Their Responses Over Time Fahrig, Wilson
Johnson, 2021 Mapping Riparian Habitat Availability in Canada’s Agricultural Landscapes using Earth Observation Mitchell
Nguyen, 2021 Density of Neotropical Bird Migrants is Highest at Stopover Sites with an Intermediate Amount of Forest in the Surrounding Landscape and a Low Proportion of Forest in Conifer Francis and Fahrig
Proctor, 2021 Spatial Prioritization of Cost-Efficient Habitat Protection for Species at Risk in Ontario Bennett
Vala, 2021 Direct and Indirect Effects of Agricultural Land Cover on Bird Species Richness Fahrig and Wilson
Geng, 2020 Development of operational methods to predict soil classes and properties in Canada using machine learning (PhD) Mitchell
Murphy, 2020 Reduced predation on roadside nests could compensate for additional road mortality in road-adjacent painted turtle (Chrysemys picta) populations (MSc) Fahrig
Urness, 2020 Estimating the number of rare plant occurrences in Southern Ontario (MSc) Bennett
Vincent, 2020 Clustering Community Science Data to Infer Migratory Connectivity Patterns for Migratory Songbirds in the Western Hemisphere (MSc) Bennett
Alavi, 2019 Evaluating the relationships of phenological and inter-annual landscape dynamics with farmland biodiversity using multi-spatial and multitemporal remote sensing data (PhD) King
Collins, 2019 Agriculture and the Life Aquatic: Effects of Agricultural Landscape Structure on Farmland Aquatic Biodiversity and Water Quality (PhD) Fahrig
James, 2019 Using occupancy modelling and community analysis to determine the habitat requirements of Eastern North American songbirds in an intensively managed forest (MSc) Bennett
Farrell, 2018 Local-Scale Association of Boreal Birds with Clearcuts Does Not Translate to the Landscape Scale (MSc) Fahrig, G. Mitchell, and Wilson
Hepburn, 2018 The Effects of Biodiversity and Natural Environment on Satisfaction (MSc) Fahrig, Smith, and Zelenski
Jacobs, 2018 Quality Assessment of Volunteered Geographic Information: An Investigation into the Ottawa-Gatineau OpenStreetMap Database (MSc) Mitchell
Kennedy, 2018 Multi-Angle Spectroscopic Remote Sensing of Arctic Vegetation Biochemical and Biophysical Properties (PhD) King
Put, 2018 Effects of Organic Farming and Agricultural Landscape Composition on Relative Bat Diversity and Abundance (MSc) Fahrig
Raymond, 2018 Combining Species Distribution Models and Value of Information Analysis for Spatial Allocation of Conservation Resources (MSc) Bennett
Rosner-Katz, 2018 Using Species Distribution Models to Predict Suitable Habitat for Threatened Plant Species of Southern Ontario (MSc) Bennett
Samson, 2018 Hydrologic modelling and prediction of extreme streamflow events in the Jock River Watershed, Ontario, Canada (MSc) Mitchell
Lindsay, 2017 Mapping Canada’s Rangeland and Forage Resources using Earth Observation (MSc) Davidson and King
Moraga, 2017 A test of the hypothesis that the spatial scale of effect of the landscape context on an ecological response increases with increasing time scale over which the response is regulated (MSc) Fahrig
Dubeau, 2016 Mapping and Characterizing Wetlands and Wetland Dynamics in the Highlands of Ethiopia using Random Forest Classification (MSc) King
Fairbrother, 2016 Effects of Landscape Compositional and Configurational Heterogeneity on Biodiversity in Eastern Ontario Farmland (MSc) King and Mitchell
Millard, 2016 Development of methods to map and monitor peatland ecosystems and hydrologic conditions using Radarsat-2 Synthetic Aperture Radar (PhD) Richardson
Sawatzky, 2016 Relative effects of wetland buffers and landscape composition on water quality and anuran diversity in agricultural wetlands (MSc) Fahrig
Trudeau, 2016 Event-Scale Hydrologic Response in Urbanizing Watersheds of the Canadian Great Lakes Basin and Associations with Fish Richness (PhD) King
Zaytseva, 2016 Spatio-temporal patterns of extreme weather events and their impacts on corn (Zea mays) and soybeans (Glycine max) in eastern Ontario (MSc) Mitchell
Kirby, 2015 Monte Carlo-based analysis of the effect of positional and thematic uncertainties in thematic maps on biodiversity model coefficients (MSc) Mitchell
Cunnington, 2014 The Relationship Between Roads and Amphibians: Effects of Traffic Noise and Mitigation of Road Mortality (PhD) Fahrig
Dingle Robertson, 2014 Evaluating spatial and seasonal variability of wetlands in eastern Ontario with remote sensing and GIS (PhD) King
Mirabzadeh, 2014 Political ecology of conservation in the ‘Alagol, Ulmagol, and Ajigol’ glocal wetlands, Turkmen Sahra, northeast Iran (PhD) Mitchell and Torrance
Quesnelle, 2014 Relative effects of landscape structure variables, and interactions with life-history traits, on the abundance and distribution of wetland-dependent vertebrate species (PhD) Fahrig and Lindsay
Downing, 2013 The Effect of Road Density and Proximity on Predation Attempts on the White Footed Mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) (MSc) Fahrig
Jack, 2013 Investigating the Role of Mortality in Explaining the Negative Road Effect on Birds (MSc) Fahrig
Banks, 2012 Assessing Radarsat-2 polarimetric SAR for mapping shoreline cleanup and assessment technique (SCAT) classes in the Canadian arctic (PhD) King
Czerwinski, 2012 Forest change detection and mapping in Gatineau Park, Québec, 1987 to 2010 using Landsat imagery (MSc) King and Mitchell
Dorland, 2012 Determining the impacts of high traffic roads on painted turtle (Chrysemys picta marginata) populations in Eastern Ontario (MSc) Fahrig
Girard, 2012 The effects of conventional and organic cropping systems on food and reproductive success of Song Sparrows in eastern Ontario farmland (PhD) Fahrig
Rytwinski, 2012 The effects of species behavioural responses to roads and life history traits on their population level responses to roads (PhD) Fahrig
Tighe, 2012 Empirical assessment of multi-wavelength synthetic aperture radar for land cover and canopy height estimation (PhD) King
van den Berg, 2012 Fuzzy Classification for Eastern Ontario Land Cover Mapping (MSc) Mitchell
Virk, 2012 Impacts of Cattle Grazing on Spatio-temporal Variability of Soil Moisture and Above-ground Live Plant Biomass In Mixed Grasslands (PhD) Mitchell
Zorn, 2012 Developing a “severe test” of species distribution modelling for conservation planning (PhD) Lindsay and Fahrig
An, 2011 Evaluation of Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods and Their Impacts on Crop Yield Simulations (MSc) Mitchell
Coffey, 2011 Relative effects of traffic pollution, moisture and colonization sources on urban lichens (MSc) Fahrig
Olson, 2011 The Influence of Analysis Design on Systematic Conservation Planning (PhD) Lindsay
Patenaude, 2011 Disentangling the effects of wetland loss and urban development on the quality of remaining wetlands (MSc) Fahrig
Barker, 2010 Mapping potential Blandings turtle habitat using aerial orthophotographic imagery and object based classification (MSc) King
Deschamps, 2010 Evaluation of Three Semi-Empirical Soil Moisture Estimation Models with RADARSAT-2 Imagery (MSc) Mitchell
Ethier, 2010 Positive effects of forest fragmentation, independent of forest amount, on bat abundance in eastern Ontario, Canada (MSc) Fahrig
Maloley, 2010 Thermal Remote Sensing of Urban Heat Islands: Greater Toronto Area (MSc) Mitchell
Ochoski, 2010 Phragmites australis detection using RADARSAT-2 : single-polarized analysis and fully polarimetric decomposition (MSc) King
Smith, 2010 Prioritizing management options for conservation: with applications in avian landscape ecology (PhD) Fahrig
Torontow, 2010 Multivariate forest modelling and mapping using Quickbird imagery and topographic data in Chelsea, Québec (MSc) King
Clouston, 2009 Influence of scale (grain and extent) on explaining bird distribution in human-dominated landscapes of Eastern Ontario, Canada (MSc) Lindsay
Eberhardt, 2009 Current and Potential Wildlife Fatality Hotspots Along the Thousand Islands Parkway in Eastern Ontario, Canada (MSc) Mitchell
Gagné, 2009 The Effects of Housing Density and the Trade-Off Between Housing Density and Sprawl Area on Breeding Birds and Carabid Beetles (PhD) Fahrig
Miles, 2009 Relationships Between Net Primary Production, Soil Moisture and Topography in Semi-Arid Grassland Environments(MSc) Mitchell
Pasher, 2009 Forest Structural Complexity in a Temperate Hardwood Forest: A Geomatics Approach to Modelling and Mapping Indicators of Habitat and Biodiversity (PhD) King
Summers, 2009 Disentangling the Effects of Roads and Forest Edge on Bird Species Richness (MSc) Fahrig
Sun, 2009 Blended Drought Indices for Agricultural Drought Risk Assessment on the Canadian Prairies (MSc) Davidson and Mitchell
Eigenbrod, 2008 Measuring the Effects of Forest Extent and Road Traffic on Anuran Populations (PhD) Fahrig
Tittler, 2008 Source-Sink Dynamics, Dispersal and Landscape Effects on North American Songbirds (PhD) Fahrig
Brennan, 2007 When Can Genetic Information Be Used To Measure Inter-Population Movement? (PhD) Fahrig
Dingle Robertson, 2007 Land Cover Change Mapping of Eastern Ontario, 1995 to 2005 Using Object-Based Classification (MSc) King
Nguyen, 2007 Vegetation Mapping and Estimation of the Extent of Near-Surface Permafrost in the MacKenzie Delta, Northwest Territories(MSc) Burn and King
Bemrose, 2006 Impacts of Radiometric Corrections on Empirical Modelling of Biophysical Variables with Airborne Multispectral Digital Camera Imagery (MSc) King
Dillabaugh, 2006 Mapping wetland structure and composition using Ikonos imagery (MSc) King
Ford, 2006 The Effect of Traffic on the Movement of Eastern Chipmunks (Tamias Striatus) (MSc) Fahrig
Pouliot, 2006 Development of a Remote Sensing Based Coniferous Regeneration Monitoring System (PhD) King
Rytwinski, 2006 The Effect of Road Density on White-Footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus) Relative Abundance in Rural and Urban Landscapes in Eastern Ontario (MSc) Fahrig
Dam, 2005 Landscape Structure Affects Different Eastern Ontario Anuran Species at Different Spatial Scales (MSc) Fahrig
Ladd, 2005 Bad seed: the role of seed mass in dispersal and seedling success in the non-native, invasive perennial, Vincetoxieum rossicum. (MSc) Fahrig
Lindsay, 2005 Comparison of three field methods for forest canopy closure modelling with Landsat imagery (MSc) King
Pasher, 2005 Modelling and Mapping Potential Hooded Warbler (Wilsonia citrina) Habitat Using Remote Sensing (MSc) King
Vanderkam, 2005 A Comparison of Heuristic and Optimal Reserve Selection Algorithms Used in Systematic Conservation Planning (MA) King
Duguay, 2004 Effect of Landscape Context on the Plant Species Richness of Forest Fragments (MSc) Fahrig
Olthof, 2004 Monitoring and Mapping Eastern Ontario’s 1998 Forest Ice Storm Damage (PhD) King
Virk, 2004 Monitoring Change in Forest Cover in Karnataka, India Using Landsat Data (MA) King
Holland, 2003 Factors Affecting the Extinction Threshold and Scale of Habitat Interactions in Cerambycid Beetles (PhD) Fahrig and Cappuccino
Larivée, 2003 Effects of wildfire and clear-cutting on ground level spider assemblages in a boreal forest (MSc) Fahrig and Drapeau
McGregor, 2003 The Effect of Roads on Small Mammal Movement (MSc) Fahrig
Sokol, 2003 Monitoring northern Atlantic Canadian wetlands using remote sensing techniques (MA) King
Butson, 2002 Forest pattern discrimination using lacunarity analysis of high-resolution remote sensing imagery (MA) King
Charbonneau, 2002 Influence of canopy cover and landscape structure on proportion of alien and shade-intolerant plant species in forest sites(MSc) Fahrig
Contreras, 2002 Changes in the abundance and distribution of woody plants related to dispersal mechanisms along a forest cover gradient(PhD) Fahrig
Lévesque, 2001 Modelling forest structure and health using high resolution airborne imagery: Investigation of spectral unmixing and spatial analysis of radiometric fractions. (PhD) King
Vance, 2001 Relationship between minimum habitat requirements and annual reproductive rates in forest-breeding birds (MSc) Fahrig
Bender, 2000 Wildlife movement in fragmented habitats: The influence of landscape complexity (PhD) Fahrig
Cosmopoulos, 2000 Temporal analysis of forest change at an abandoned mine site using high-resolution multispectral digital imagery (MA) King
Goodwin, 2000 Landscape connectivity: The interaction between insect movements and landscape spatial structure (PhD) Fahrig
Carr, 1999 The impact of vehicular traffic on two frog populations of differing vagility, Rana pipiens and Rana clamitans (MSc) Fahrig
Lee, 1999 Importance of patch scale vs. landscape scale on selected forest birds (MSc) Fahrig and Lindsay (Freemark)
Olthof, 1999 Development of a forest health index using high-resolution remotely- sensed multispectral digital imagery (MA) King
Haddow, 1998 Forest regeneration assessment using airborne digital camera imagery (MA) King
Seed, 1998 Retrieval of forest canopy structure from high resolution airborne digital camera imagery (MA) King
Walsworth, 1998 Geographic image modelling of environmental degradation associated with acid mine drainage – Kam Kotia mine tailings(MA) King
Langlois, 1997 Landscape structure and the distribution of Sin Nombre hantavirus in deer mouse Peromyscus maniculatus populations(MSc) Fahrig and Merriam
McAllister, 1996 The changing bird assemblage along a gradient of agricultural intensity (MSc) Fahrig and Merriam
Pope, 1996 The relative roles of landscape complementation and metapopulation dynamics in the distribution and abundance of leopard frogs (Rana pipiens) in Ottawa-Carleton (MSc) Fahrig
Venier, 1996 The effects of amount of available habitat in the landscape on relations between abundance and distribution of boreal forest songbirds (PhD) Fahrig
Pedlar, 1995 Variation in raccoon and skunk abundance along an agricultural intensity gradient across two spatial scales (MSc) Fahrig and Merriam
Trzcinski, 1995 The effects of forest loss and fragmentation on the distribution of forest breeding birds (MSc) Fahrig