About Us:

The Terra Viva Grants Directory is an information service about international grant funding for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the developing world.

Most users of our information are grant seekers – people searching for financial support of their work as individuals or as organizations.

We take a cross-institutional view of grant making to include international organizations, national government organizations, and foundations and NGOs.
We take a regional view to recognize funding needs and opportunities in eight world regions: Southeast Asia and Pacific; East Asia; South Asia; Eurasia and Central Asia; Eastern Europe and Russia; Middle East and North Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa; and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Grant makers included in the Terra Viva Grants Directory range from funders of community projects to funders of science and research. Visitors to our website are found at both ends of this spectrum, and in the middle of it.

The Terra Viva Grants Directory offers profiles of about 800 grant programs, organized by subject areas.
We recommend that grant seekers always consult “cross-cutting,” the largest group.

Group 1: Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry
Group 2: Biodiversity, Conservation, Wildlife
Group 3: Energy, Climate Change
Group 4: Water Resources
Group 5: Cross-Cutting Funders (two or more of the subjects above)

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