Photo of Christopher Hilkene

Christopher Hilkene

President of the Clean Water Foundation

Christopher Hilkene is President of the Clean Water Foundation. He has overall responsibility for development, delivery and evaluation for all Clean Water Foundation activities. He brings to the organization strengths in policy and program develop and has been contributor to Canadian freshwater policy for more than a decade. Chris’ policy contributions include: authoring the Annexes for the 2002 Canada-Ontario Agreement Respecting Management of the Great Lakes Ecosystem Basin; serving as the principal consultant to the federal government on the development of bulk water transfer policy; and acting as the co-lead in the creation of the Ontario Great Lakes Renewal Foundation.

In addition to his work at the Clean Water Foundation, Chris is a member of the National Rountable on the Environment and the Economy and he teaches a course on water policy at York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Christopher is based in Toronto, Canada.

This professional summary was obtained directly from the Clean Water Foundation website. Click here to learn more about the Foundation.