Dr. Humeny (Second from the left) with her partner, father, and brother (Left to right).

Dr. Courtney Humeny Graduated with a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science last month, 16th June.

Dr. Humeny’s Ph.D. thesis was supervised by Dr. John Logan. Dr. Humeny shared her experience in the program:

“My biggest take away from the program was its freedom and flexibility. I was able to select my thesis topic on an area I am passionate about and fit into my career goals. My thesis utilized multivariate statistics and qualitative analysis to provide a conceptual investigation of the neural underpinnings of recovery (e.g., PTSD, resilience) from a romantic relationship with a psychopathic abuser.

The program taught me how to be creative in designing a “cognitive science” project, by delving into frameworks from philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, clinical/health/forensic psychology, feminist theory, and social cognition. With the support of the department I was able to utilize opportunities to be a Visiting Student at the University of Edinburgh, to complete summer programs at The Netherlands School for Practical Philosophy and University of Oxford, and gain research experience through my Methodology Rotations at correctional facilities and the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. With research experience and a strong theoretical foundation I am able to be competitive in the job market. During my degree I was employed at the Department of National Defence, conducting research on ill or injured military members and the effects of military life on families. Upon graduation I secured employment as a research consultant and full-time statistical analyst at two First Nations organizations to examine the transgenerational effects of trauma.

The Cognitive Science PhD program is unique and provided me with a wide skillset to be a versatile and interdisciplinary researcher with strong analytical skills to see the “bigger picture” of issues I will continue to research during my career.




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