Please join Nadiya Slobodenyuk for this Wednesday’s Cognitive Science Colloquia:

Date: Jan. 10, 2018:  3pm-4:30pm

Location: Dunton Tower: Room 2203

Speaker: Nadiya Slobodenyuk

Title: The nature and origin of cross-modal correspondences between color and material properties perceived through touch

Abstract: Cross-modal correspondences are associations between dimensions from different modalities that are not object-based. This project explores cross-modal correspondences between color and tactile sensations using haptically rendered virtual stimuli.

It also explores whether cross-modal correspondences between color and haptic lexicon mirror those between color and haptic sensations.

Based on findings and in light of the debate on the nature of cross-modal correspondences, I argue that none of the accounts have explanatory superiority and the nature of cross-modal correspondences is determined by the type of perceptual continua used.

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