As Canada and India become strategic partners, the Centre is committed to conducting and enabling research in identified priority areas. However one of the obstacles in increasing research collaborations, faced by researchers in both countries, is the lack of a platform to find funding and partnership opportunities. To address this gap, the Centre has launched an online social networking platform. The online platform enables researchers to: (1) search, browse, and contact potential collaborators, (2) find relevant funding opportunities.

Researchers who join the online network get the following benefits:

  1. timely updates on relevant funding opportunities;
  2. help in finding partners/collaborators and student exchange opportunities;
  3. ability to provide feedback to funders;
  4. opportunities to deliver public talks at the Centre; and
  5. opportunities to highlight projects to a wider audience.

Membership to the CIRN is on an invite-only basis. If you are interested in joining the network, please contact the Canada-India Centre for Excellence.

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