a-listFifty prominent Indo-Canadians were recognized in Ottawa recently for promoting and fostering India-Canada relations.

The Canada-India Centre hosted a celebration of their achievements on Feb. 4, alongside a launch for The A-List, a book compilation of their stories written by Indo-Canadian journalist, Ajit Jain.

Now in its second edition, The A-List features Canadians of Indian origin who through their various careers and community efforts have helped promote relations between the two countries. This year’s event also celebrated three Canadians considered “friends of India” who have made similar efforts.

During the event, President Runte commended the efforts and services of those who made the list in fostering stronger ties between Canada and India. She called their stories “very extraordinary.” Dr. Runte also spoke of the Canada and India collaboration in education and how has partnered with other universities in India where students embark on exchange programs. Dr. Runte mentioned that Carleton University has more students who have gone to India than any other university in Ontario.

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Dilip Soman, professor of marketing at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. Dr. Soman laid special emphasis on how “as a country and as a community, we need to think about ways we can better support new Indo-Canadians and help them succeed in anything that they choose to do”.

The event was held on February 4th and was attended by business executives, leading academics, students, and others.

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