The Canad20160825_092531 (2)a-India Centre hosted a clean technology roundtable in partnership with Global Advantage Consulting Group. The roundtable was attended by business executives, former senior government officials, and researchers.

Discussions revolved around Canada’s Clean Technology sector and various government priorities to help grow the sector and the importance of exporting Canadian clean technologies to help reduce global energy usage and GHG emissions. The topic of India’s new renewable energy targets was also discussed.

Participants also discussed Canada’s GHG reduction targets and its global temperature rise targets approved during COP21 conference in Paris. It was observed that for Canada to reach nearly a 200MT CO2eq reduction, serious efforts will need be made to develop, implement and fund initiatives across sectors.

The roundtable is a regular feature of the Centre’s core services where stakeholders are brought together to discuss issues of national importance to both countries, Canada and India.