20160212_134726The Canada-India Centre is pleased to announce Ajay Parasram as this year’s winner of the Kanta Marwah Grant.

Ajay’s research examines the territorial dynamics of postcolonial violence and its antecedents in the political economy of modern state formation in Sri Lanka. Motivated by South Asian political theory concerned with nationalism and pre-colonial state craft as articulated in the work of M.K. Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, S.J. Tambiah, and Ranajit Guha, Mr. Parasram’s dissertation looks to the historical and structural beginnings of ethnonationalism in the 19th century colonial encounter.

Mr. Parasram has published foreign policy research at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF) on the subject of Canadian military and diplomatic strategies in South Asia while working as a Postgraduate Research Fellow. As the managing editor of the campus-community based newspaper The Leveller from 2010 – 2014, Ajay has written numerous articles for the public and community media that are based on his research and community activism.

Ajay is a PhD Candidate (ABD) at the Department of Political Science and Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University.