Sheema Khan, a well-known Muslim activist, writer and popular speaker who grew up in Canada, credits her success to living in this country.
One of 33 Indo-Canadians profiled in the 2017 edition of The A-List, a glossy publication that celebrates the success and contributions of Indo-Canadians and “friends of India,” Khan says she was surprised to be featured in this year’s book.
“I feel humbled,” she said during the official launch of the third edition of the publication at the Carleton University Art Gallery on March 9. “You read what other people have done and you ask: ‘Why am I here?’ You realize that your success really is a reflection of Canada, where hard work leads to success. It’s a testament to the country and to the people who built it.”
Four other A-listers attended the launch: Chaitan Pettukola, founder of the $50-million company Bitebank Media; Sanjay Sharma, developer of the unique MBA program in sustainable entrepreneurship at the Grossman School of Business of Vermont; Virendra Jha, now retired after 42 years with the Canadian space program; and Fraser Taylor, director of Carleton’s Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre and a globally renowned cartographer who has advised India on mapping issues.

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