The Canada-India Centre, in collaboration with the High Commission of India, Ottawa, hosted a roundtable discussion on the emerging global security threats, including terrorism, cybersecurity and climate change. The roundtable was attended by 18 experts, academicians, senior management, and community members.

The discussion was led by Dr. Alex Wilner, Assistant Professor, Carleton University. Dr. Wilner provided an overarching view of the global threats, and the recent spike in attacks in western countries. He also provided latest statistics on terrorism-related incidents around the world.

While Prof. Wilner touched upon security threats that larger countries, such as India, are facing, Mr. Arun Sahu, Deputy High Commissioner of India to Canada presented a detailed view of the challenges. Mr. Sahu discussed both the external and internal threats that India is facing and some of the steps taken by the Government of India.

The event concluded with a consensus that more such roundtables should be held to bring critical security issues to the fore.

Canada-India Centre’s next quarterly roundtable will be held in September 2017 to discuss the opportunities and challenges around developing “smart cities”. For more news about Canada-India Centre’s event, please visit: