To support Ottawa-based business and new immigrants to Canada, two key Ottawa-based Indo-Canadian organizations have created a collaborative initiative with Carleton University’s Canada-India Centre for Excellence (CICE) to connect Canadian businesses with talent, market expansion opportunities, and networking opportunities.

The Indo-Canada Business Ottawa Business Chamber (ICOBC), the India-Canada Association (ICA) and the Canada-India Centre for Excellence at Carleton University (CICE), will leverage their memberships and services to bring more value to Canadian businesses.

As part of this initiative, CICE will conduct a survey of ICOBC membership to assess skills gaps and talent acquisition challenges. Based on the feedback received, CICE, in collaboration with ICOBC, will develop certification programs designed specially to meet business needs. The certificate programs will be open to students, newly arrived immigrants, and professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

This initiative, coupled with the cultural support provided by the ICA, will lead to smoother transition for newly-landed immigrants, especially from India. India is the second largest source of immigrants for Canada.

In addition, the collaborative initiative will facilitate creation of more meaningful job pathways to university graduates and provide a bridge for businesses to reach out to students.

Located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, the Centre was initiated in 2010 by Carleton University and leaders from the Indo-Canadian community in collaboration with the High Commission of India. CICE partners with Carleton University’s most prestigious programs – the International Water Institute, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, School of Public Policy and Administration, and the School of Journalism and Communications. Building on Carleton University’s strong tradition of community engagement and 40 years of experience in working with India, the Centre brings together scholars and practitioners in different fields to contribute to policy initiatives that benefit both countries. For more information, please see

ICOBC is a privately funded, not-for-profit, member-based organization with members from the Ottawa business and professional communities. ICOBC is based on three success metrics – promotion of trade between Canada and India, success of ICOBC’s member base and support for innovation within the Canadian context. For more information, please see

ICA is a not-for-profit, volunteer based organization and has served the community in the National Capital Region for over 50 years. ICA’s mission and mandate remain to create cultural awareness and foster positive relations between Indo-Canadians and the other Canadian communities. We also strive to connect with many regional organizations serving the interests of individual states and celebrating the unique cultures within India. For more information, please see