Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University

Dr. Singh is the Adjunct Research Professor for the Faculty of Art & Social Sciences, at the College of the Humanities at Carleton University. He is also the visiting Professor at the Centre on Guru Granth Sahib Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University in Punjab.

Dr. Singh has completed his B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics from Woolwich Polytechnic in 1969, followed by M. A. in History from Punjabi University in 1999 and later Ph.D. in History in 2001.

His commitments at community organizations include roles such as Secretary of Ottawa Sikh Society, Founder & President – Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada, President – Cornwall Education & Cultural Centre and President – Sikh Institute of Canada.

Dr. Singh sits on various committees   and is a member of various Board Commissions some of which include Planning Committee of the University of Ottawa, Interfaith Chaplaincy Committee of the Correctional Services of Canada, Constitution Committee – Canadian Ethnocultural Council,  Gloucester Police-Community Committee.  He also was given Siropa – Role of Honour droned by The Sikh Community of Vancouver, The Sikh Community of Edmonton, The Sikh Community of Winnipeg and The Sikh Community of Halifax.  He had a major role in the establishment of the Chair of Sikh Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Some of the books published are : Ottawa Sikh Society [1968-1993], Condition of Sikhs in Canada [in Press] and Sikh Studies [under Preparation]

Dr. Singh was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002 for significant contribution to Canada, to the community and fellow Canadians.