Director, South Asian Studies Institute, University of Fraser Valley

Dr. Bain’s research interests include migration and integration; cross-cultural education curriculum implementation; race and ethnicity; women’s rights and cultural politics; Diaspora studies; Sikhism and the politics of identity and cultural historiographies.

Dr. Bain has multiple years of professional work experience in community development, not –for- profit organizations as well as being a consummate community advocate & volunteer who has assisted numerous community organizations to develop and grow.

She is also a longtime advocate of cross-cultural education, a diversity educator, community developer and activist in the areas of women’s rights, youth empowerment, and immigrant settlement integration.

She is an avid participant in community affairs both at the civic and provincial level.

Her Recent Publications:

Bains, S. 2014. Indo Canadians: No need to be hyphenated.

Bains, S. (2014). A national Historic Site of Canada – The Gur Sikh Temple, Abbotsford. In 1914-2014 Komagatamaru Centennial Souvenir. Vancouver BC: Komagata Maru Foundation.

Bains, S. Evaluation Abbotsford Building Connections Project. Abbotsford BC. Dec 2013.