About the Centre

The Carleton Centre for the Study of Islam aims to support the production and dissemination of superior scholarship on Islam and Muslims, actively engage with the broader community, and show leadership in innovative approaches to the study of Islam and issues facing Muslims today.

A Vital Resource
The Centre is located in the Religion program of Carleton University’s prestigious College of the Humanities, which offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion with a minor in Muslim Studies. The Centre promotes a deeper understanding of Islam in the wider community, conducting research and organizing conferences, workshops, public lectures, seminars, and special events. It works with academic partners as well as civil society and community institutions.

A Unique Opportunity
Carleton University is explicitly non-sectarian. This means that Carleton welcomes all traditions and embraces a multitude of scholarly approaches. This provides students and scholars with a unique opportunity to study Islam, produce ground-breaking research, and make meaningful contributions to society.

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