A few months ago, the MPNL program and TD Bank Group hosted “From Charity to Social Justice,” a PhilanthroTHINK event that looked at how philanthropy is being transformed to create a more inclusive, just and equitable world. Susan Phillips moderated a panel with Liban Abokor (Executive Director of Youth LEAPS), Kristen Perry (a community organizer) and Joanna Kerr (President and CEO of MakeWay). PANL Perspectives features a summary of the event, and a video of the entire proceeding, including a question-and-answer period with the panelists, is available below.

“Addressing inequity in philanthropy should not be the job of those who are burdened by it,” Liban Abokor said. “It is the moral and ethical responsibility of those in leadership positions within our sector to be leading the charge.”

Photo in banner is courtesy of Arusfly.

Friday, January 21, 2022 in
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