In 2013, the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program and its sister program, the Graduate Diploma in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership program, were launched with a vision: to equip graduates with a specialized, versatile set of skills and knowledge to succeed in a range of careers in nonprofits, social enterprises, foundations, government agencies and private-sector firms. Both the MPNL and DPNL programs are unique in Canada and comparable to programs internationally. The philanthropic and nonprofit sector provides one in 10 full-time jobs in Canada, and offers enormous opportunities for innovation and leadership to better society, the economy and the environment.

For nearly a decade, students and alumni of both programs have been a mix of experienced and aspiring professionals, all of whom are innovators and change-makers. They make positive contributions to the world, knowing this requires the ability to think critically, use evidence, develop strategies and exercise effective leadership. They use their diverse interests and experiences to learn from and mentor each other during the program and throughout their professional careers.

The MPNL and DPNL programs accept about 30 students a year. There’s only one intake each year, with classes beginning in the summer (not in the autumn). MPNL and DPNL students take the same courses; the difference is that the DPNL program is shorter. Please see our Programs page for more about courses, admissions requirements, scholarships and other details.

Hear from recent graduates about their backgrounds before and after the program and what they think of what they learned:

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