Karen Hudson, Keith Sjögren & Nicola Elkins

Karen Hudson (VP of Growth Initiatives at Benefaction), Keith Sjögren (Chair of the MPNL Advisory Council) and Nicola Elkins (Founder and CEO of Benefaction).

Benefaction Foundation, a registered charity that helps Canadians and their advisors harness the advantages of strategic giving, announced two, new awards for MPNL and DPNL students.

The Benefaction Foundation Travel Fund for the Summer Institute ($7,500) assists full-time and part-time students accepted into the DPNL or MPNL program, helping them with travel costs to participate in the program’s Summer Institute, a two-week, in-class series of courses and events on the campus of Carleton University.

The Benefaction Award for Philanthropic Leadership ($5,000) is awarded annually to an outstanding, full-time graduate student who’s entering the MPNL program, with preference given to racialized students.

“We chose to structure our support in the form of a student bursary and travel fund in recognition that not all students have an equal opportunity to participate in the MPNL program, and we wanted to help make the program more accessible,” says Karen Hudson, Vice President of Growth Initiatives at Benefaction.”

“Through our Philanthropy Fund, Benefaction supports organizations that promote philanthropy and charitable gift planning by fostering knowledge development and encouraging good practice in the charitable sector. We’re pleased to support the MPNL program and its students.” –Karen Hudson

“It was Keith Sjögren (Chair of the MPNL program’s Advisory Council) who first raised the opportunity for us to get involved,” Hudson explains. “We have a tremendous amount of respect for Keith, and have worked with him closely on various projects over the years, so his personal endorsement was key for us. It didn’t take much convincing for us to see the alignment with our values as an organization. We look forward to a continued partnership with the team at Carleton.”

Banner photo is courtesy of Kenrick Mills.

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