Born and raised in Lebanon, Cindy Boustani has always dreamed of a better world for her community. She graduated from the Balamand University, in Lebanon, with a Master’s in Architecture while also pursuing a minor in Psychology at the Lebanese University. Cindy worked as an Emergency Medical Technician and a trainer for the Lebanese Red Cross for more than seven years.

When visiting Beirut after moving to Montreal a few years ago, she realized that she has more to give to post-conflict communities. She decided to turn her passion into her life’s mission, leading her to joining the MPNL program. Since then, she’s been working on building socio-cultural community centers in post-conflict regions, starting in Lebanon, promoting physical, mental and emotional growth within youths affected by intergenerational trauma.

Cindy also loves travelling, whether it’s for volunteering purposes or just chasing new experiences and indulging in new cultures. In her free time, you can find her enjoying the sun outdoors, walking her cat, Nounou, or reading and drawing in the park.

In 2023, Cindy was the inaugural recipient of the “Benevolence Award for MPNL.”

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