Sarah Thatcher and her family

Sarah Thatcher and her family.

Sarah Thatcher is this year’s recipient of the Jackson Family Scholarship in Community Engagement.

“I applied for the Scholarship when I heard about it, because it fits with the work I’m doing,” Thatcher says. “I launched a charity in Muskoka called Food4Kids Muskoka. We provide food packs on weekends for children facing food insecurity in our rural community.”

The Scholarship was founded by Ted Jackson and Magda Seydegart for students applying to the MPNL program who demonstrate a strong potential for leadership and innovation in community engagement — and who conduct a project with a community partner.

“I was a teacher for over 10 years and took a step out of the classroom after Covid — to shine a light on what’s happening to kids when they don’t eat and as a result, can’t learn, play and grow as they should,” Thatcher says.

“I’m super grateful to have some dedicated funds in pursuit of my studies. It gives me encouragement to continue with the Food4Kids work. It’s not always easy to work in the charitable sector, so the encouragement is helpful.”

Sarah Thatcher speaks at a breakfast gala with 200 guests.

Sarah Thatcher speaks about Food4Kids work during a breakfast gala with 200 guests .

“I love the MPNL program,” she adds. “When I tell people I’m doing my Masters in philanthropy and nonprofit leadership, that sparks a whole bunch of questions. I come from the corporate world and from being a teacher, and this is new for me, but the MPNL program is incredible. We have amazing colleagues who have vast experience from different organizations across the country. I’ve learned a lot from them and from the educators, who are invested in giving us practical knowledge — to apply to the sector and to run a charity or nonprofit organization.”

“I appreciate the generosity that people have offered to me, which, in turn, I’m able to offer to others,” Thatcher says of the Scholarship.

Donate to the Jackson Family Scholarship to support future students.

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