A recording of the PhilanthroTHINK webinar, “Opportunities and Challenges of AI for the Sector,” which was held on March 23, 2023, is available:


Adegboyega Ojo, Professor, School of Public Policy & Administration, Carleton University. Professor Ojo’s research is primarily in the area of digital government. He studies how digital and data technologies can be used to support innovation in government institutions and address societal challenges. He’s keen on understanding the conditions and technical design requirements for the beneficial and ethical use of data-driven innovation, advanced analytics, and AI-based solutions in different public service and policy contexts.

Narinder Dhami is Executive Lead and Co-Founder of New Power Labs, which leads research to uncover and share tools and best practices transforming how equity, diversity, and inclusion are applied by practitioners. She’s also the President of The Sonor Foundation, a private family foundation. Dhami is a leading expert in the social finance domain. She designed and scaled two social ventures: as the Managing Director, she made LEAP | Pecaut Centre for Social Impact an innovator in venture philanthropy; and as the founding Executive Director of Rise Asset Development, she designed and scaled a Rotman/CAMH financial initiative to provide an entrepreneurial path to employment for those with a history of mental health and addiction challenges.

Paloma Raggo, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy & Administration, Carleton University. Dr. Raggo’s research includes international nonprofits, nonprofit governance leadership, organizational accountability, global philanthropy and online teaching. She leads the Charity Insights Canada Project (CICP) / Projet Canada perspectives des organismes de bienfaisance (PCPOB).

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