Photo of Adam Parachin

Adam Parachin

Adjunct Professor in the MPNL program
    Degrees:BA in Political Science (University of Toronto, Canada). LLB (Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada). LLM (University of Toronto, Canada).


    My professional bio previously stated that I research and write about the doctrinal and theoretical dimensions of charity law. I doubt anyone understood what that meant. A personal anecdote about what inspired my interests in charity law seems more fitting.

    I applied to law school in the winter of 1997. I remember feeling tentative at the time about the cost of tuition (notwithstanding that tuition fees were considerably lower then). In the spring of that year, I was notified by Osgoode Hall Law School that my law school tuition costs were going to be entirely covered (and then some) by a generous scholarship endowed by the late Justice William G.C. Howland.

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