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Delphine Nakache


Degrees:LL.D (McGill)
Phone:(613) 562-5800 x 2647

Dr. Delphine Nakache is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law (French Common Law), University of Ottawa. She is a legal migration scholar and her main focus is on issues surrounding the protection of non-citizens, particularly non-status migrants and disadvantaged immigrants. Dr. Nakache has solid experience conducting funded research projects, both as PI and co-investigator, and several of her current projects analyze key issues surrounding immigration detention and removal in Canada. Throughout her career, she has developed solid networks with not-for-profit, governmental and inter-governmental organizations based in Canada and abroad. Throughout field research conducted in Canada in the last six years, she has interviewed approximately 200 migrants and 70 stakeholders and has thus acquired a solid practical knowledge of the challenges faced by non-citizens on the ground. In 2011, following her visit of several prisons in Canada and her interview of 30 stakeholders, she wrote a consultancy report for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (a targeted future partner) on the detention of asylum seekers in Canada, now widely cited. She is also regularly consulted by the Canadian government on this topic (her last consultation (2019-2020) was with the Auditor General of Canada). As an International Adviser with the International Detention Coalition, one of her recent works is a study on the detention of migrant children (“Canada’s scorecard”, 2018).