By Benoit-Antoine Bacon

Welcome to the first issue of Raven, a new showcase for the important and inspiring work we do at Carleton. With nearly 32,000 students in a city that matters — our national capital, Ottawa — we are a large and impactful place.

Traditionally, Carleton has also been a humble university, reluctant to tell our story and promote our work. As a consequence, perceptions of Carleton lag behind reality. This beautiful magazine is a step toward bridging that gap, a celebration of our sense of purpose and powerful momentum.

In the pages that follow, you will read about members of the Carleton community who are working to improve energy efficiency, share Indigenous stories, support refugees, advocate for health and wellness, safeguard our water and wildlife, alleviate the opioid crisis and much, much more.

In many of these articles, students, professors and alumni are speaking directly to you in either first-person or as-told-to format. We wanted their voices to be front and centre in the inaugural issue of Raven. They make our university great, and this is their magazine.

In today’s era of digital overload and fake news, launching a print publication is an act of countercultural resistance. It carries the insistence that these words and pictures are real, meaningful and lasting — that these stories matter.

Reading this issue, I was struck by the sense of resilience, purpose and gratitude it conveys. We invite you, friends and kindred spirits — busy people with challenging lives and careers who are striving toward a better world — to join us on this collective journey.

Raven Magazine

Thursday, January 9, 2020 in
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