About SESL

The Solar Energy Systems Laboratory (SESL) provides training for graduate students in fundamental and applied research associated with the development and optimization of new solar energy technologies for the heating and cooling of buildings.

Current areas of research in the lab include thermal storage, combined space and water heating systems, solar cooling systems, and advanced solar building integration. Many of SESL’s projects build on existing and new partnerships from academia, government and industry. Likewise, the research conducted by the Solar Energy Systems Lab supports industry and government initiatives to accelerate the use of solar energy in buildings.

Our research team, led by Dr. Cynthia Cruickshank, consists of graduate students with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Sustainable Energy Engineering and Policy, and Environmental Engineering. The lab offers the opportunity for students to become engaged with international researchers and laboratories active in solar energy research. Often, research assistants and undergraduate students are also involved in projects carried out at the SESL.

The SESL is part of the Building Performance Research Centre (BPRC) which is comprised of members from the CHEer House and Human-Building Interaction Laboratory. Under the supervision of Dr. Cruikshank, other labs looking to the improve other aspects of the efficiency and performance of residential and commercial buildings have began operations. To learn more see Centre for Advanced Building Envelope Research (CABER).