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A one sided sign, typically made of paper, designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface.


Solo/Banner Stands

A vertical vinyl advertisement with a built in stand. Easily transportable, perfect for trade shows and temporary events/displays.



An unfolded piece of paper, meant to be handed out.

 Post Card

Post Cards

A post card is a rectangular piece of paper intended for writing and mailing without an envelope.



A piece of paper, typically folded 2 to 4 times.



Banners are signs that are hung or otherwise attached to a wall or structure, indoors or out. They’re a great way to attract attention to a business, event or location.



A small, bound, book consisting of a few sheets, typically with paper covers.



Thesis print jobs can be unique. This form can help guide you through the appropriate options to ensure your thesis is printed properly.

 Rack Card 1

Rack Cards

A document used for commercial advertising, frequently in hotels, landmarks and restaurants.

 A frame 2

“A” Frame Sign

A temporary sign meant to be placed on sidewalks.


Other Print Jobs

Does your print job not fit into any of the other categories? Then use this form to submit it!

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General Printing

Covers most general copying & printing requests, such as maps, exams, course outlines, etc.

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