Departmental Copying and Printing

The Print Shop manages the fleet of Konica Minolta Multi Function Devices (MFDs) that are deployed across campus within departments to allow them to print, copy and scan documents. We offer a variety of ways for departments to manage and track machine usage, such as requiring swipe card access or individual pass codes to activate the machine, or if the machine is in a secure area, unlocking the machine for ease of use.

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We recently introduced a new fleet of Multi Function Devices (MFDs) at Carleton. This website is aimed at explaining how to get the most out of our new devices.

These new machines offer a number of advantages over the old fleet in terms of performance, reliability and flexibility, including enhanced printing, copying and scanning capabilities:

  • The new fleet will allow departments to reassess their needs to scale up or down as needed, rightsizing their print budgets in the process.
  • We now offer more colour devices across campus, following up on feedback we received from departments in 2017. In fact, every departmental device on campus now prints in colour!
  • Every MFD is now connected to CUNET.
  • A number of new security and billing options will be available soon for departments to consider.

In short, this fleet change will bring new flexibilities and capabilities that can improve the workflows of offices across campus.

Does your department need a new MFD? Contact us today to get one installed!


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