Women and girls working around a table, taking notes and having a discussion around a laptop

Women and girls sharing their thoughts about the film demo

On March 2, 2019, together with Can Tho DPO partner, we held a “Workshop of Participatory film making with Women and Girls with disabilities” at the Hall 1 of Can Tho Association of People with Disabilities, one of three TDKRA research locals. The workshop was successfully facilitated by Ms. Nhung Huynh – one of our collaborators and Thao Le – one of the research assistants in Vietnam. There were 7 women and 12 girls that participated.

A group of women and girls sit around a table and are looking at a screen. A man is at the head of the table using his laptop to show the film

The participants sit around the table and view the documentary

All women and girls were very eager and interested in the discussion about our documentary film. Their contributing comments about the documentary film were so informative and very helpful in our accomplishing the film. They gave so many practical ideas for using this film to engage their community, media, and policymakers about the inclusion of girls and women with disabilities.

A group of 7 women and girls sit around a computer and watch the screen

A smaller group of women and girls sit around the computer and view the footage

A group of participants sit around a table with paper and supplies to think of ideas

The participants brainstorm ideas

The ideas of showing this film in public places, not only in disability communities, or DPO headquarters were strongly recommended. Many of the participants suggested that we make a trailer for the film and upload it to youtube and other social media sites.

Stay tuned for updates!

The group of participants standing in front of the workshop banner all smiling

A group shot of the participants standing in front of the banner