Photo of Linh Dang

Linh Dang

Research Assistant

Linh a student at Ha Noi Law University. As a woman a with disability, she understands people with disabilities in Vietnam have faced many challenges accessing their rights. This has motivated her to study law. She has also participated in various programmes, particularly media projects for people with disabilities including training on developing campaigns and communications to promote the rights of people with disabilities.

Linh is also a volunteer in YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative). In developing her skills and knowledge, she is passionate about protecting the rights of people with disabilities, especially for girls and women.

As a member of TDKRA, Linh welcomes the opportunity to work with the team which includes girls and women with disabilities in different areas of Vietnam. What she has learned so far from being a research assistant with TDKRA project is how to motivate and encourage other girls and women with disabilities to engage in activities. During the fieldwork activities, she has felt energized by the participant’s warmth and their willingness to share their stories and what they have gained through each fieldwork activity.