Photo of Nhung Huynh

Nhung Huynh


Degrees:B.Ed (Can Tho University), B.A. (Economic University, Ho Chi Minh), MSc. (Asian Institute of Technology)

In 2000, Nhung received a Bachelor of Pedagogy in English from Can Tho University, Vietnam.  After graduating, she became an active member of the Can Tho Club of People with Disabilities which is now known as the Can Tho Association of People with Disabilities.

While working, Nhung recognized there are little opportunities available for people with disabilities to acquire education, jobs and services, especially youth with disabilities in the Mekong Delta region in Viet Nam. People with disabilities are not able to integrate into mainstream society and are not on equal footing on many aspects of human endeavours. To solve these problems, Nhung believes that thinks that people with disabilities should be offered more opportunities in study, work and other activities. She believes that more opportunities could be provided by experts on disabled people.

Therefore, Nhung applied and got a full scholarship of International Fellowship Programs of Ford Foundation (IFP) which gave her the useful opportunity to pursue her Master’s of Science Degree in Regional and Rural Development Planning, which was her field of study at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand from 2006 to 2008. Additionally, she received an Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships Program to participate in short training on “Enabling Social Inclusion: Gender and Disability Responsive Good Governance”, at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia in 2013.