When Life Expectancy Is Falling: Mortality Crises in Post-Communist Countries in a Global Context.

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Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South.

Edited by Anis Chowdhury and Vladimir Popov.  

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•    Macroeconomics in the developing world: Major observations (co-authored with Anis Chowdhury). DOC-RI Research project, July 2019.

•    Exchange rate and foreign exchange reserve policies. – DOC-RI Expert comment, 2019.

Video: Introduction to the DOC-RI November 2018 conference “Macroeconomic policies in countries of the Global South”.

Video: Exchange Rate and Foreign Exchange Reserves Policies.  Presentation at the DOC-RI November 2018 conference “Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South”.

Video – Dr. Popov about his new article “Billionaires, millionaires, inequality, and happiness”.




Mapping a New World Order. The Rest Beyond the West. Edited by Vladimir Popov and Piotr Dutkiewicz. Edward Elgar, 2017. 





In Russian:


Mixed Fortunes: An Economic History of China, Russia and the West. Oxford University Press, April 2014.


Chinese edition: 

荣衰互鉴:中国、俄罗斯,以及西方的经济史 平装 – 2018年1月1日
弗拉基米尔·波波夫 (Vladimir Popov) (作者), 韦森 (合著者), 孙梁 (译者)







СТРАТЕГИИ ЭКОНОМИЧЕСКОГО РАЗВИТИЯ. Издательский дом Высшей школы экономики, МОСКВА, 2011








Political Institutions And Development. Failed Expectations and Renewed Hopes. Edited by Natalia Dinello and Vladimir Popov, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2007. 











 Why the Chinese model remains successful? –   

Interview with Lipton Matthews,

November 1, 2021.



Video:  Coronavirus Economic Recession, DOC-RI Webinar, April 9, 2020.







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