The Indigenous Youth Futures Partnership (IYFP) is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers working together with First Nations youth, educators, health. social, legal and family services, and community leaders in the Sioux Lookout region in Northwestern Ontario.yf-logo

The goal of this research partnership is to foster Indigenous youth resilience and to empower youth to prosper as leaders in their communities. Following the lead of First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario, we will build on each community’s strengths, act on their priorities, and facilitate the mobilization of resources to advance and sustain a positive community- and family-centric- foundation for youth.

Our Mission

The Indigenous Youth Futures Partnership brings together tools and approaches from both Indigenous knowledge and Western science, to work with communities to support their vision for the future, and to co-create pathways to foster youth resilience and wellness.

Our Approach

We know there is no single way forward, so working in a multi-faceted manner is key to our approach. We incorporate knowledge from communities, research, and the youth themselves on our collaborative journey to create an environment in which youth can flourish and prosper.

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The program of research is supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Partnership Grant and the Mitacs Indigenous Communities Engagement initiative.

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